Friday, November 21, 2008

New York City

Tonight we had a meeting to discuss the details of the New York City trip. I was reminded of this quote by Taylor Field from his book "Mercy Streets." It says "Our task is to walk in the cool of the evening with God on the hot subway platform and to make a single dirty park bench an Eden." That is so true. We are to meet God where He is already working to make His grace known to the people in the city.
I also thought about how my own vision of the city has changed each time I have gone. My eyes see things differently every time, and inner city life is to blame. The city streets, and more pointedly, the life on the city streets, has brought enlightenment to my eyes. I now see life where I thought there was no life, hope where one would assume there was no hope, and beauty in the ashed of humanity. People are magnificent, even in ruin.
New York City, in all its brilliance and decadence, still represents the worst and best Western civilization has to offer. And when we see the souls of the people, we see that mercy and the God of mercy still lives on the streets.

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