Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Bucket List

I think it is essential for all people to have aspirations and dreams, and I hope that you have a solid idea of your purpose in life and what you hope to accomplish, whether that is work-related, relational, or just plain fun. Recently, I was talking to my friend Peter about things we hope to do in life, and shared some of our "bucket lists" with each other. I thought it would be fun to blog a few items from my list. Comments are welcomed. :)

- Swim with dolphins in New Zealand.
- Visit three of the seven natural wonders of the world.
- Go on a cruise to Prince Edward Island.
- Go on a mission trip to Kenya.
- Visit Scotland and Ireland.
- Go on a cross-country trip to California.
- Start a radio station in New York City.
- Learn to play the guitar.
- Learn to play the hammered dulcimer.
- Become fluent in Spanish and Swahili.
- Have two children of my own.
- Adopt a handicapped child.
- Homeschool my children successfully.
- Earn my doctorate degree and be a professor.
- Start an online ministry for chronically ill people.
- Write and publish my autobiography.
- Work to combat human trafficking.
- Start my own Christian school and be the headmistress.
- Open my own coffee shop.
- Establish a solid 401k.
- Play my flute for an orchestra.
- Establish a scholarship fund for students who want to go on mission trips.
- Work for Samaritan's Purse.
- Get Lasik eye surgery.
- Go seashell hunting in Florida.
- Design my own clothes.
- Design my own house blueprints.
- Can my own fruits and veggies.
- Go scuba diving.
- Run a mini-marathon.
- Be an extra in a film.
- Form a book club.
- See all 50 states.
- Drive a McLaren car.
- Ride in a hot air balloon.
- Tell people I love that I love them every day.

Think about it: What's on your bucket list?


Adam Hunter said...

Dianeeee, I have no doubt that you can do all of that and more. GET TO IT!

Mrs. Rebecca Scott said...

What a wonderful list! I hope you accomplish all of your goals:)

I was so happy to see you in the "blog-o-sphere," lol. I hope your doing well and enjoying your last precious moments at Campbell.

Esthermay said...

Incredible List!

Holly Wagner said...

That is awesome Diane!

I've always wanted to start a coffee shop and go on a cross-country trip to California too! :-)

Anonymous said...

You have a really cool blog!! God Bless~