Monday, May 4, 2009

Abigail and Diane's Adventure

Yesterday Abigail and I set out for the adventure of a lifetime (or maybe just of the week). After church we spent the afternoon at Raven Rock, a state park near Campbell. We had a picnic, complete with turkey sandwiches and fruit. Then we hiked for quite some time, and walked around the trails and beside the gargantuan rocks while we talked about life and the future. I love that word, gargantuan. People should use it more often. We also went to the overlook and Abigail read some poetry out loud in her teacher voice. It was so amazing.

On our way back, we passed by a strawberry farm, so we stopped to pick strawberries! We had a little over a pound, and they were so plump and juicy!

Then, we went over to the Patty Tate and jumped on the trampoline for a bit. I can't remember the last time I bounced that high on a trampoline! We were definitely flying. I felt like a little kid again, and it was so freeing.

After bouncing for a bit, we took showers and cooked dinner at my apartment. We made chicken tacos, and I'm pretty sure we had about 6 each. I guess we were just so hungry after all of that walking! They were so tasty though.

After dinner, we watched the movie Pleasantville and ate cupcakes and strawberries dipped in powdered sugar for dessert. Both of us fell asleep before the movie was over, with our heads at opposite ends of my bed. I wish someone had been there to take a picture! I'm sure it was cute. We did take plenty of pictures of our excursion though, and they will be posted soon. The entire day was such a treat, and probably one of my most favorite days at Campbell. I will never ever forget it!

Tonight the adventure continues-we are having a sleepover at my apartment! Being out of school is just too much fun. I've always imagined what college would be like without classes, and it's nice to have a small foretaste of that and to be able to spend large amounts of time with a dear friend.

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Abigail Grace said...

TEACHER VOICE! Of course. What a wonderful adventure it was! I had SO much fun, and I can't wait to see the pictures! Love you.